Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATM Corporation" was established by the Government Decree to ensure safety and regularity of civil aviation flights and create the uniform economic management of ATM systems.

Basic Facts & Figures:

  • Coverage Area — over 26 mln.sq.km.
  • Airway distance — over 800 000 km.
  • Over 1,5 mln. flights a year
  • Over 1,000 aircraft under control at a time
  • Personnel — over 30,000 employees:
    — ATS personnel – over 10,000 including about 8,000 ATCOs
    — CNS personnel – about 10,000
  • 95 automated ATC complexes 
  • 28 centers of the Joint ATM System, Including:
    — 1 Main Centre,
    — 7 Zonal centres,
    — 20 Area centres (including 12 centres with airspace management functions) 
  • 10 Automated ATC Systems of consolidated ACCs
  • About 800 surveillance aids
  • About 2,000 navigational and landing aids
  • Over 11,000 communication facilities
  • Over 40 automated working positions


07.06.2019 North-East Air Navigation Branch Assists Travellers on their Round-the-World Gyro Trip
Magadan, Severo-Evensk, Markovo, Anadyr and Provideniya aerodromes became stopover points on the final leg through Russia for travellers Norman Surplus and James Ketchell as they were circumnavigating the globe in two gyrocopters.
24.05.2019 Russian Air Traffic Controllers Become European Football Cup Champions for the Sixth Time
The 52nd European Controllers Cup took place from 20 to 24 May in Moscow at Luzhniki sports complex.
23.05.2019 Bashkortostan ATS Centre Implements QNH
Pursuant to State ATM Corporation Central Volga Air Navigation branch Order No. 319 dated 20 May 2019 ‘Provision of air traffic services using QNH and altitude measurement in feet for operations in Ufa terminal area’, Bashkortostan ATS centre adopted QNH and feet for altitude measurement starting from 00:00 (UТС) on 23 May 2019.
22.05.2019 State ATM Corporation Experts Awarded with IATA Certificates
International Air Transport Association (IATA) certificates were awarded at State ATM Corporation’s Head Office to the Corporation’s managers and experts who had taken part in seminars on Customer Service for Air Navigation Service Providers arranged by the Institute of Air Navigation and involving the International Air Transport Association.

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